CA-306+CA-12SUB System
Product Description

Wide Selection of directivity
Adjustments for a better
adaptation to any

Powered Subwoofer

Three Channels Output
DSP Digital Signal Processing
900W for Bass Output
Volume Control for Bass
Bass Boost enhanced
400W for Full Range Output

Key features

Italian made 3" high quality and sound pressure transducers

Worldwide Voltage capable 98-242V

Wide selection of directivity adjustments for a better adaptation to any environment

Quick and simple load preset via LCD display

Elegant aesthetic design for the most demanding installations

3 Channels Class D amplifier, 900W for Bass and 400W for Left/Right Full range channel

Bluetooth receiver for music playback

CA306 Active Compact Column with DSP

Built in elegant design cabinet, the CA306 series can solve many problems of sound related to different application.

CA306 active system is composed of 3'full-range column loudspeakers matched with 3 channel power module in Class D , switching mode power supply and DSP processor in floating point. Designed especially for voice reproduction, CA306 has a frequency response from 120Hz to 18kHz. It can be used alone or together with other active 12",15"and 18"bass in order to extend the SPL and the minimum control frequency as well as to reduce beam width of radiation lobe.

The wide range of controls and connections include: Stereo Combo Input, Unbalanced RCA Input. LCD display for 20 Preset selected.USB connector to PC software Control.Bluetooth music transfer, Switch ON/OFF.Volume for Bass, Switch for Bass Boost.Volume for Full range.

The PC-slave position allows control and configuration via PC . It can be made 20 group preset and save in DSP memory.



CA-306 CA-12SUB
Description 3" Line Array Column 12" powered Subwoofer
Frequency Response(+/-3dB) 130-18KHz 45-180Hz
Drivers 6x3" cone drivers 12" Long excursion drivers
Sensitivity 95dB/W/M 95dB/W/M
Max. SPL 123dB 124dB
Dispersion(HxV) 100x20 degree 360 degree
X'over Frequency HPF at 150Hz LPF at 150Hz
Impedance 12 ohms 8 ohms
Power Rating 120W AES 350W AES
Input Connectors 2x Speson NL4/Phoenix/Pole mount Jack connectors
Power Module LF: 600W+HF:300Wx2(8 ohm)
Input Panel 2xMic/Line+2xRCA+Bluetooth
Output Panel 2xSpeakon
Dimension(WxHxD) 124x545x152mm 358x530x485mm
Net Weight 6.8kg/PC 28kg
Gross Weight 9kg 30kg

Sampling rate 48KHz internal
Frequency Response:+/-5dB 10Hz-40KHz
Dynamic Range> 110dB 20-20KHz
Distortion< 0.1%@ 1KHz, +10dBM
Maximum Delay 200ms, Input 170ms, Output 30ms.
Input Gain Adjustable -12dB to +12dB
Output Gain Adjustable -12dB to+12dB
Filters Parameter 8 per input channel / 8 per output channel
PEQ Bandwidth Q: 0.2-36, Frequency Response:20-20KHz; Maximum Gain -24dB to+12dB
Hig/Low self 6dB Gain:-24dB to+12dB
Latency 1.29ms
Phase: IN phase/Out of Phase
Crossover Filters
Bessel/Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley 12/18/24/48dB per Octave
Threshold -20dBu to +10dBu
Attack time 0.3ms to 100ms
Release time 2x to 32x


CA-306 6x3" column speaker x2
CA-12SUB 12" Powered Subwoofer with DSP
USB Cable
PC software CD
Antenna of bluetooth

CA306 x 2
CA-12SUB Pwered Subwoofer x1
Power cord x 1
USB cable and CD with PC software
Bluetooh Antenna

Optional Accessaries

wm-1 wall mount
Connections and Controls

System Apllications

Single System

Double System